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Part one
Written by Laura S.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of FALCON CREST or A CHRISTMAS CAROL. The characters within this story were created by Earl Hamner and the idea for the plot came from Charles Dickens. This is a story written for Falcon Crest fans for their pure reading enjoyment and no infringement is intended at all. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy the story. Thank you!

Early December 1984

Richard Denault Channing sits at home reading his copy of the San Francisco Globe in his living room. The middle aged businessman smirks as he looks at his masterpiece story. The slander on the Gioberti family is just the ticket, and will break them to pieces in the business sense as well as socially. His concentration is interrupted when he hears Pamela Lynch speak up. The tall, lovely brunette is standing in the doorway with her arms crossed "I can see you're very proud of yourself Richard. You've got the perfect story not only on Chase, but on Angela as well. I think the sales of the paper will shoot through the roof on this one." His sapphire blue eyes shoot up at his assistant with the look of pure triumph, "So true, Miss Lynch, so true!" Pamela sighs, feeling a bit sorry for Chase and his family. Did they really deserve this cruelty? She can see how Angela would deserve it. Channing looks at the woman curiously "Well what are you standing there for? Don't you have better things to do?" Pamela looks at him with a glare of cynicism "Not really all the dirty work has been done. Christmas is coming up and you haven't even done any shopping yet" Richard just snarls at her "There's no one I care to buy for! Christmas is full of crap! It's a commercialized holiday just so companies can make more profit! I'm not out to throw my money away, I'm just out to make as much money as I can before the year is out!" He continues to look aggravated at her "Go find something productive to do!" She returns the *so called* sentiment with a grin "Yes sir, but I want Christmas Eve and Christmas Holiday off." Richard laughs "You're just as superficial as the rest of the world! I can't believe it! NO! You'll work or you're out of a job!" She comes over to him and looks down "You know something, Richard!" As she speaks he looks deeply into her big brown eyes and decides to humor her with his response. The grin of sarcasm overtakes his features "Go on, Miss Lynch! Finish your thought!" She just sighs "Oh never mind! What's the use, Richard? You'll never change! You'll always be vindictive and miserly all your life." She leaves the room and shakes her head. She loves the man, but she just knows he'll never change. The thought of it just makes her want to cry. She can almost feel the tears burning her eyes, just wanting to come out. Pamela won't allow herself to shed tears over this man though. Not now, but perhaps in the future when he really takes his fall.

Written on November 8, 2004



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