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Fame LA
Secrets of The Past- Rated NC17 for adult situations
A Fan Fiction Story By Melissa C Scraper
Based on The characters created by Richard Barton Lewis

Fade in the New York School of Arts in 1975 when the teenage hormones of David Graysmark and His Friend Marcus Carilli are raging. Marcus is Angry that his Girlfriend Annie has just dumped him for David. and they're fighting in auditorium. "You stole her from Me you jerkoff." he Punches David so hard that David ends up hitting his head but David still fights and by the time they're done they are all cut up and David ends up going to the hospital to have his head examined and Marcus goes to the School Nurse who is married to a businessman who is out of town a lot and she had found herself strangely attracted to a few male students and she had seen Marcus in the school talent show a few weeks before and even though she was nearly ten years older than Marcus she still had fantasies about him and she was secretly overjoyed when he needed treatment because he urges were beginning to keep her from concentrating it had been more than three months since the last time Miranda Clark had had any sex. and found herself Drawn to this young man he was almost seventeen and she could tell her touch was arousing him. After she was done cleaning and treating his wounds she kissed him passionately. Then led him to the room she slept in when she was too tired or depressed to go home and began to undress him. an hour later they were cuddling. This was by no far stretch of the Imagination meaningless to either of them. They lay in eachothers' arms gently caressing eachother. the Crinkling of that annoying sheet of tissue paper inside the pillow case was not noticeable to either of them
Miranda kisses him gently on the lips "You were wonderful but tell no one. It is against the rules for Faculty to sleep with students." Little are either of them aware that she is going to give birth to a baby girl that will eventually be one of David's students and end up being a comedian like the man she won't know, until later, is her father.

Marcus stared deep into her eyes "you are a radiant woman and you're definitely better than my ex was." he pauses "i give you my word i will never tell a soul." she places her finger over his lip to hush him up and kisses him again and they end up making love once more before getting dressed. She buttons her shirt and from now on when she is alone at home she will think of this evening with her teenaged lover and try to satisfy herself manually "i should get back to my Dorm room before the house mother locks me out again." he puts on his shoes and gets his bag and kisses her before leaving and will also think of this night when he is alone and have fantasies about the woman he will refer to in his short stories as the naughty nurse. Miranda wears a nurses smock but not a plain white one. It has pretty pink flowers on it. her skirt is plain white and since they make her itch for some reason. she does not wear a bra. Miranda's Shoes are plain canvas Tennis shoes because does not believe in wearing high heals.
Marcus is wearing a wearing a blue short sleeve button up shirt and has the top two buttons undone which reveals a plain white tshirt underneath. He Knew he would have hard time not telling anyone his Secret. He was in such a rush to get back to his room that he had managed to get his keans on backwards and was wondering why he felt a tightnes in the wrong places. he managed to get back to his room in time. His Blue eyes sparkled as he thought of his perfect time with Miranda. "David, i'm..." he remembers David ended up in the hospital and now he felt horrible about beating up his best friend. The Next day after school he goes to see David. He was about 4 inches shorter than David and wondered how he managed to get the Footing to beat up his friend.
David is 6'1 and has golden brown hair and greenish blue eyes. He looks at his friend and Smiles "it is Alright. I'm just embarrassed that the nurses saw my butt. I hate this hospital gown it leave nothing to the imagination. They said I Can leave this afternoon." he was wearing one of those annoying hospital gowns that rips if you move wrong and his hair was messed up. But he looked better than he should have.

Taht Day was Miranda's day off and when she arrived home after grocery shopping she found a box by the door and she opened to find a dozen Roses and note reading Happy Anniversary darling. It was on this day four years ago that we were set up on a blind date by my brother. i wish i could be there with you. I love you XOXXOO.
Love: John.
She takes them inside and puts them in a vase and stares at them and starts crying. Where was her life leading her. She was acting Desperate for sex and although Marcus was not the first boy she had ended up seducing. He would be the last. She goes into the kitchen and puts on her apron and starts mixing dough to make dumplings. She needed to work out her Aggression and kneading the dough would do just fine.
Meanwhile Annie arrives at the Hospital to visit David. She is an actress and dancer with long slender legs and she and David had been seeing David behind Marcus' back for the last three months. she is wearing a blue dress and brown loafers because she does not like women's shoes and she runs her fingers through David's hair "i take you two have reconciled." she smiles "How about we all have dinner tonight. i will pay." she smiled
Marcus and David "Sure Thing Annie. What time?" they said smiling. They had been friends for two years so they had similar tastes and it happened they were all craving Italian food.
Annie "I have been craving four cheese raviolli. I will pick you guys up around seven so David can get cleaned up." she smiles. Annie had been the first to get a driver's a license because Marcus was sick the day of the Driving test and David was three months younger than her. As a present her family had gotten her a red Ford Mustang. and they all loved cruising in it.
Marcus and David "Weird. I'm totally craving Italian food." they laugh.
David "Jinx. You owe me a soda." he laughs "I Forgive you, Marcus. Annie and I should've been honest from the Start." he ran his fingers through his hair. "Man I do need a shower I wreak." Today Marcus is wearing jeans again and a green shirt. He had wanted to wear his Hawaiian shiort but it was both dorty and not allowed during School hours.
Three months Later
Miranda's husband is banging on the door to their master bath while she is in the bathroom taking a home pregnancy and she is twiddling her thumbs waiting for the results it seemed like an eternity since she had placed that damned tester in her urine. it had been two minutes in reality and she still had five minutes "I am busy if you need to use the toilet tie it in a knot and use the guest bathroom John!!" she yells at him with anger in her voice not so much anger at him but frustration at the idea that she had possibly gotten pregnant by Marcus. Whom she still harbored feelings for." John was still banging on the door and he decided to go se the guest bathroom because he thought she was doing women's hygiene things & he would rather not see what remains of those things. Finally the results come out positive and she passes out and he hears her hit the floor so he decides to use the hallway door and goes inside
John gently lifted her head "Miranda, Darling. Are you alright?" he wipes her faces and she opened her eyes "thank god i was worried there." he had never cheated on her and the truth was it had pained him each time he had to go away but the truth was he was doing fertility treatments because they had been trying for three years to have a child and it was not succeeding and the doctors had said it had nothing to do with her.
Miranda "what would you say to becoming a father?" she had decided right at that moment to allow everyone involved to believe John was the father. he looked in her eyes and began beaming with Joy. He Held her as gently as he could
John "Oh My Princess we're finally going to be parents like we've wanted to since our first anniversary."

1997- Los Angeles, California: The Who's Who
Fate had decided that Miranda's Daughter would become a Comedienne and fall in love with another Standup. Liz Clark was every bit the radiant beauty her mother had been. With her dark hair & Dark Eyes. Liz had grown up never knowing that John Clark was not her father and by Fate John had the same blood type as Marcus so it was easy for Miranda to keep the secret. But Fate had dealt Miranda Clark a card she had not expected. The doctor had told her a few months prior to this day that she was dying of Cancer and now she needed to purge herself of the secret she had kept buried for so long and she was also going to LA from New York to meet her daughter's Fiancé Adam Lewis. Miranda and John had had their own child. Liz's Younger brother, Michael. and He had found out from stumbling across his Mother's personal belonging in the attic that Liz had a different father but he did not want to hurt his parents. The hardest part had been not telling his father when his father had been dying in the hospital. Michael and Miranda disembarked and were met at the gate by Liz and Adam.
Liz hugged her mother and Brother and introduced them to Adam and they all went to the car. Miranda had come to California not only to tell her daughter the truth but also for cancer treatment which she feared would be useless. They go to the Who's Who for lunch. and Miranda recognized Marcus, granted he is balding and smoking cigars but she could tell by the boisterous laughter coming from the person she could only assume was David whom she had stitched up several times from accidents on the basketball court of the school,

Marcus Nearly Fainted when Saw Miranda. He had never made the connections between Liz saying her mother was a school nurse in New York and the fact that she may have been the same woman he had slept with. He Walked over to the Table "Miranda, you never said your last name was Clark." she asked him to sit and he does "What is it? You look so sad and confused for some reason."

Miranda Takes his hand in one hand and Liz's Hand in the other "Liz, sweetie it is Ironic that you should end up taking classes in a club co-owned by Marcus Carilli. Because he is your biological father." She explains to both of them why she chose to tell them now. "Please forgive me for waiting Liz's whole life to tell you. Before you Ask Liz Michael is really John's son but since John and Marcus had the same blood type it was easy to get John to believe he was your father, Liz."

Liz stood up and stormed out overwhelmed by the news that the man she knew and loved as her father was not her biological father. She starts crying as the sunsets over the beach and a rare California rainstorm begins Liz starts to cry to herself.

Ryan passes her on the way into the club to start his shift "Why is Liz outside crying?" he puts on his apron and waited to see of anyone would answer. Marcus Looked at the young man with piercing blue eyes and Said "It's Personal, Ryan. Leave it at that." Adam starts to stand up and go talk to Liz "No Adam. Leave her be until she feels like coming back inside on her own. She and I have just received Shocking news and it needs time to sink in and I'm sure once it does she will come back in."

Adam looked at him and blinked a few times "I know you're right Marcus. I just can't stand the idea of her outside crying. I Love her." He sits down and picks at his food and waits to see when Liz will return.
David's Wife, Annie Walks up. Annie is 39 years of age and five foot 5 inches tall with curls deep brown hair and Grey blue eyes. "What troubles you Liz? You're usually so bubbly and cheerful." She leans on railing to the board walk holding and Umbrella "Maybe talking to someone will help." She touched Liz's shoulder with her free hand and Liz turned around and started Hugging her. "Let it out Liz."
Liz "have you Ever Known someone who had been lied to their whole life about who their father was." She said with head on Annie's shoulder. Liz was almost totally soaked from standing in the rain and it did not bother Annie one bit that she was getting wet.

Annie Patted Liz to comfort her "to be truthful Yes I have. My Older Brother was led to believe that my father was his father because mother had had a one night stand with my uncle and since they were twins it was easy to keep it a secret." she stopped caring about the rain and wrapped her other arm around Liz and took her inside "It is going to be alright." she had told Liz the truth. Her Brother Charles was fathered by her Uncle Quentin "David. Get Liz something hot to drink. Adam goes to their apartment and gets her something dry and she can change clothes in the dressing room."

David and Adam did as requested. Somehow Annie had developed good leadership Qualities over the years. She and David had just returned from their Second Honeymoon. They had been married for eighteen years and had teenage twins named Rose and Alex. But I Digress Annie & David Both thought of the students as family and Marcus was like family too he was the godfather of their children and had been there for them when their third child died in a car accident at age four.

Ryan was tuning his guitar and singing The Phantoms Theme From Phantom of the Paradise

"Half asleep I hear a voice
Is it only in my mind
Or is it someone calling me someone I failed and left behind
To work it out I let them in
All the good guys and the bad guys that I've been
All the devils that disturbed me and the angels that defeated them somehow
Come together in me now
Face to face I greet the cast
Set in silence we begin
Companions in an empty room I taste their victory and sin
To work it out I let them in
All the good guys and the bad guys that I've been
All the devils that disturbed me and the angels that defeated them somehow
Come together in me now
A tale of beauty and the beast
I defend my soul from those who would accuse me
I share the famine and the feast
I have been the world and felt it turning seen the jester yearning to amuse me
Like a circus on parade
Seldom close enough to see
I wander through an angry crowd and wonder what became of me
To work it out I let them in
All the good guys and the bad guys that I've been
All the devils that disturbed me and the angels that defeated them somehow
Come together in me now."

Which was ironically fit to the situation. An hour later Both Annie and Liz were dry and Liz and Marcus ha begun to accept the truth that they were family. "Liz you know you can trust me right? And you don't have to call me Dad if you don't want to Liz."

Liz looked at him "You want to know something I think on some spiritual level I knew all along you are my father. Because I always feel safe around you. Enough about us we need to see to Mom, after all she is the one who has cancer." She looked at her mother "Thank you for being Honest."

Annie "David, I almost forgot. We need to go to the hospital as soon as we can. Alex was hit by a car when he was crossing the street from the drop off point for his school bus and he needs us." She says. "Marcus, can you handle the club, Alex needs us." Now that David was focusing on Annie he could tell she had been crying. Her eyes were red and her makeup was smeared and running down her face. Partly due to rain party because of crying.

Marcus "I can handle things here and when Lili and Suzanne get here everything will be smooth as silk," he looked at them "now get going. Alex needs you. Where is Rose?" he looked concerned because he was

Annie "Rose is at the neighbor's house. When she saw the car hit her brother she ran into neighbor's house called 911." she is starting to shake" David you need to drive I don't think I can." She looked at him.
David "Yes Darling." He takes her out to the car and they leave for the Hospital.
Alex looks exactly like his father did as a teenager and he is as tall as his father. He is also very athletic and Rose Looks exactly like Annie. Annie and David enter Alex's room and he is sleeping. The doctor comes in and says "he has no internal injuries as far as we can tell. but he has several cracked ribs and his leg is broken. We have him on morphine."
Annie "Oh my poor baby." she caresses his hand "Mommy's here Alex." she starts singing My Fairy King by the Band Queen

"In the land where horses born with eagle wings
And honey bees have lost their stings
There's singing forever
Lions den with fallow deer
And rivers made from wines so clear
Flow on and on forever
Dragons fly like sparrows thru' the air
And baby lambs where Samson dares
To go on on on on on on

My fairy king can see things
He rules the air and turns the tides
That are not there for you and me
Ooh yeah he guides the winds

My fairy king can do right and nothing wrong
Then came man to savage in the night
To run like thieves and to kill like knives
To take away the power from the magic hand
To bring about the ruin of the promised land

They turn the milk into sour
Like the blue in the blood of my veins
Why can't you see it
Fire burnin' in hell with the cry of screaming rain
Son of heaven set me free and let me go
Sea turn dry no salt from sand
Seasons fly no helping hand
Teeth don't shine like pearls for poor man's eyes

Someone someone just drained the colour from my wings
Broken my fairy circle ring
And shamed the king in all his pride
Changed the winds and wronged the tides
Mother mercury mercury
Look what they've done to me
I cannot run I cannot hide."

Alex wakes up "Mom, Dad. How is Rose? I was saving her. The guy driving the car was the older brother of the guy she broke up with last week. I saw him when he was turning the corner." he said in a have drowsy voice.
Mini flash Back-4 PM that Afternoon:
Alex and Rose were getting off the bus as usual and Annie was in the kitchen that was at the front of the house she had the shade down because it was the time of Day when she sun always shined into the kitchen Window so she had not known exactly what was going on until she heard Rose screaming "Alex! NO!!!" it had been another Perfect day in California and Annie had been making their favorite snack for them. Cheese quesadillas. She dropped the plate she was about to the place on the dining table and it shattered scattering everywhere and ran outside "Alex!!"
Alex had been wearing his Favorite shirt. Sky blue and a pair of jeans and when the Car hit him it sent him flying about ten feet. His face was bleeding from a few gashes. Annie fell to her knees next to him "Did anyone see the car?" she would be damned if she ended up losing him like they had lost Jacen eight years ago. The man who had hit Alex was roughly twenty years old and the older brother of Jacob Scott. Rose's ex boyfriend. He was wearing sunglasses but Alex had seen what he was wearing.
End Flashback
Alex's Clothes now lay in the trash having been cut off of him so they could set his bones to put the casts on his leg and wrist. "It was Matthew Scott. I think he was trying to get Revenge for Rose breaking up with Jake last week." he starts crying when the painkillers start wearing off "I want to go home I hate the hospital it smells like Lysol and Old people." obviously the remainder of the drugs in his system were keeping him from being the well mannered young man he normally was.
Rose was at the Neighbor's house crying and being interviewed by the police. "I Keep telling you i did not see the person in the Car because Alex pushed me onto the sidewalk. Alex knows though because he looked into the windshield while the car was hitting him." she answers their questions and they leave. She is spending the night at best friend's house "I need ice cream. I am Depressed. Not ice cream I feel like just eating cool whip." She's wearing a pink dress with a blue waistband.

Mini-Flashback: The Night Before at around 10 PM
Rose "Alex you turdwart. Stop trying to read my journal. I love you but you're a big nerd sometimes." he Room is full of bookshelves that have keepsakes of Family vacations and some of her trophies from competitions that she just partipates in for fun. She sometimes acted like the Queen because she was five minutes older than Alex but they both knew that their jabs at each other were all in jest. Above her bed is a Painting she and Alex had painted together based on the Song My Fairy King. He had one above his bed based on the Lyrics to Hotel California well actually one verse.

Mirrors on the ceiling,
The pink champagne on ice
And she said 'We are all just prisoners here, of our own device'
And in the master's chambers,
They gathered for the feast
The stab it with their steely knives,
But they just can't kill the beast.

The twins had inherited artistic abilities from both their parents and even though they tended to argue they would do anything for each other. They had won an art contest together with painting she has hanging over her bed. She looks at the photo of them on their last family trip to Hawaii. Next to it is a little Hula girl her brother had made for her in art class. He may have been a pain some times but he understood her sometimes better than their parents did.
In His room he too writes in his journal
I fear that Rose is in Danger. I have heard rumors that Jake's brother wants her Dead for breaking up with Jake but that punk deserved it. He forced himself on her at the party. If i had had that freak alone I would beat him up. I would gladly have taken punishment for it. No one hurts my family Damn it.
He has similar things on his shelves to the things his sister has. Only he has a surfer figurine next to his Hawaii photo that she had made for him. David had started teaching him to surf when he was eight and he had won a few trophies for surfing. He is in his pajamas well just the bottoms for some reason the tops on Pajamas made him itch. He has a finely formed body like his father. And on those rare days when the family has nothing to do he plays one on ones with his father in the driveway.
End Flashback

To Be Continued....
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