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*Warning* Rated NC17 for adult situations. Please do not read if you are under 18.

Fame LA
Based on The Series Created By Richard Barton Lewis
Story By Melissa C. Scraper
Rated NC17

Part Two: Alex and Rose

Alex and Rose Graysmark were born on June 27th, 1981. Rose Marie was born at 5:13 PM and Alexander Charles at 5:18 PM. After had been in labor for 16 hours. As babies their personalities were obvious. Rose was always the quiet one as a baby. And Alex a screamer and Alex ended up with his father'sd temper and his mother's stubborness. When they were four Their Mother gave birth their baby brother Jacen and they protected him. The day after their 8th birthday someone crashed into the back passenger Door instantly killing Jacen and the family decided to spend as much time as they could together. Alex and Rose go to the best Private School in LA. And also the only Private School that does not require School Uniforms. Where it was soon obvious they the twins were bright and talented. Rose has been in ballet classes six years old and David has been teaching Alex to surf since he was six, not consistantly since Alex started sports.

Rose ended up meeting Jake when they played Romeo and Juliet in school in 1995, they became friends at that time. The night of their first date they were chaperoned by Jake's brother and before Rose was allowed to leave with him David and Alex spoke with him. David "Listen young man. I trusted you as my daughter's friend but as a boyfriend if you ever do anything to upset her I will hunt you down. She is my only Daughter." Matthew is waiting in his car and he honks the horn over and over.

Jake "Mister Graysmark I give you my word I would never hurt Rose." Jake has auburn hair and green eyes and he is just hitting his growth spirt so he is about two inches shorter than David and Alex. He is also a bit meaty because he is on the football team and has started lifting weight and he will use those strong arms combined with his Hormones to force himself onto Rose. but for now he is every bit the gentleman and getting pissed at his brother for honking the horn "Pardon me!!" he goes and opens the front door "Stop honking the damned horn or I'm telling mom you hawked greatgrandmother's silver for a three month supply of Pot!!" he goes and sits back down "Sorry about that Matt is such an ass sometimes."

Annie and Rose enter and Rose is dressed in a short sleeved floral print dress that shows no cleavage because she is a modest young woman. and The three males are speechless. Dressed simply Rose was elegant and graceful like her mother at that age and she stands like ballerina in first position.

Annie "Close your mouth before flies decide to make homes in them." she had helped Rose do her hair and after a few minutes the guys closed their mouths. Alex was the first to speak "i don't want to sound pervy sis but you're radiant. like a princess." he hugged her then "Watch yourself around him and his brother i don't trust them." he whispered in her ear "I love you Sis and I will always be here to protect you."

Jake "I left the flowers I got you in the car." he offers his arm for Rose to take and she takes it and they leave. David watches them leave "Our little girl is becoming a beautiful woman before our eyes." he looks at Annie "It seems like only yesterday Alex and Rose were our cuddly little babies that would bite eachother when they were teething."

Annie "I know." she sighs "There is something about that boy that doesn;t seem right." she sighed and sat down. "it is not natural for a 15 year old to be able to bench as much weight as my friend saw that boy benching at the recreation center." The date goes well and Rose goes to bed.

Five months Later:

While at Jake's Sixteenth birthday party Jake convinces Rose to go to his room alone and kisses her which he had done several times before that did not bother her but she heard him unzip his pants and he pinned her to the bed and Rose started screaming just as Alex was going to the bathroom and Alex ran into the bedroom "Stay off my sister!!!" he pulled him off and kicked him in the groin "If you ever come near my sister again you won;t have anything between your legs." he grabs Rose's hand they go out to their car and go home as Jake lays writhing in pain on his floor he had never felt a pain quite like being kicked in the crotch. Rose had bought that dress special for the party and now she knew she would never want to wear it again. It was red and showed a little cleavage.

Annie "What happened? Rose looks so scared." she looks at Rose who is shaking and crying. Annie takes Rose to her room and helps her change clothes. "Rose, I am not going to force you to tell..." before she can finish Rose starts talking "Mom, how do you define Rape?"

Annie is amazed at the bluntness of the question and it takes her few minutes to find her voice to explain it "It is when a male forces himself on a woman or girl against her will." she looks into her daughter's eyes "Oh Baby." she hugs her "is that the reason for the bruises forming on your arms." she caresses her head.

Rose sighed she was feeling helpless and tainted and a little stupid she had been betrayed by someone she thought she could trust "we were alone in his room and he pinned me to the Bed and unzipped his pants and he was not wearing underwear. he was whispering "All I want is you and when I let go of your hands I want you to jerk me off." and I could feel his member trying to work its way under my panties." she starts crying "Alex was on his way to the bathroom and pulled Jake off of me and kicked him in the crotch and brought me home." she hugs Annie and continues crying. "Mama, I am so confused. I Thought i could Trust Jake with my life and he tried to hurt me."

Annie was saddened by the idea that her daughter may have a hard time trusting anyone outside their family because of this. "No one could understand why people change but it is possible that his parents are hardly around and his brother, who is known to be a felon, is the influence on his life." All she wanted was to take her daughter's pain away but she knew how it felt to be attacked like that. it had happened to her while David was on a trip with his parents.

Mini-Flashback~1979 Spring Break:
David and His Parents were in London and David's Parents hadn't thought to Invite Annie and everyone in her family was too busy so she had two weeks alone. One night when she was in the Parking Lot of the grocery store and it was getting dark and some of the lights in the parking lot weren't on and this caused Annie to not notice that she was being followed by a Shadowy Figure. After closing her trunk he snuck up behind her and held a knife to her throat and whispered "Come with me or you die sweet thang." she could feel that he was aroused and she tried to scream but she knew she would die if she did not go with him. He dragged her into the alley behind the store and wripped off her underwear and an hour later he left her weeping and nearly naked on a pile of garbage, She managed to find a coat that had been thrown out of the window by woman who had been dumped and she put it on and walked to the nearby hospital "Help me!! I was just raped." she passed out in the Emergency room.

End Flashback

Meanwhile in the Livingroom Alex has finished telling David the same story. David "i am proud of you Son. acting on your instincts and saving Rose and i hope she dumps that boy. She is too good for him." they go into the kitchen and make sandwiches. "I think you're mature enough to learn to play Poker at the friday night games with Me, Marcus, Ryan and Adam." Alex is still wearing his clothes he wore to the party although he has taken off his shoes because like his mother shoes make his feet itch after a while. He is wearing a green shirt and black jeans and they sit at the island. "Dad, why do people try to force people to do things like that." Alex looked at David and Waited for An Answer

David "No one totally understands how the human mind works son. But we've been suspicious of that boy since your Mother's cousin saw him beat up someone twice his age at the gym." he ruffles his son's hair "Mind you we're not condoning violence but I'm proud of you for protecting Rose." he looks at him "you can stay up late if you want son. but get ready for bed and take your shoes up to your room." he smiled at the boy.

Alex was a little angry at himself for not watching Rose close enough to keep it from happening and his bond with her was making him feel her pain too. He Picked up his shoes and went upstairs to [put his shoes on the rack in his closet. He and His sister were neat freaks. and they always put things where they belonged. He changed into his pajamas and sat on his bed staring out the window wishing he could take his sister's pain away.

Two Weeks Later- The Hospital

It had taken Three Days for Rose to get up the nerve to go see her brother and she had gone Alone so she could talk to him. He had stitches in his forehead and a broken leg but other than that he looked fine to her. "Little Brother are you awake." she said quietly as she approched the bed. He opened his eyes and looked at her "Mom and Dad would not tell me who you said was driving the car, They thought you should tell me." she looked into his eyes. She was close to tears looking at him knowing all the pain he was Suffering was a result of him protecting her.

Alex "Why do you always call me "little brother" you're only five minutes older. And yes I do know who did it and I told the police. I truly believe he was trying to hurt you so I wanted to protect you." he looked into her eyes. They had taken Sign Language in summer camp and would occasionally speak it when they could not find it in themselves to speak. He Signed "It was Jake's brother, Matt, who tried to kill you." she hugged him "thank you Alex." she said to him "I call you little brother because I know it is irritating." she smiled and they played checkers for a while until the nurse brought dinner. "Ick it looks worse than airline food." she giggles.

To Be Continued...............

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