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Fame LA
Based on the Series and Characters Created Richard Barton Lewis
Story By Melissa C. Scraper

Part Three- Brotherly Competition or Two Men One Love.

Both are Students in David's class one is 24 and six feet tall with brown hair and deep brown eyes, his name is Brent Legget. And his Younger brother, Ryan, is 5'9 with deep blue eyes. They're Bopth in love with Suzanne Carson who is about 5'6 and has long brown hair and brown eyes is the object of both the brother's dreams. She does not Know Ryan is attracted to her because he is shy and afraid she thinks of him as a child and he won't talk to her. Brent is aggressive and will persue her partly because he finds her peautiful and partly because he wants to agitate Ryan. and it will cause a fight. at the Moments Ryan and and Suzanne are rehearsing a scene from Sleeping Beauty. They thought it was a little odd but then they stopped and realized David was probably worried about Alex and Rose.

Ryan stands up and pretends to move the curtains of canopy bed "True Loves Kiss will awaken thee as it has guided me through the thorns and brambles." he kisses Suzanne and she Sits up "My Princess you have awakened and i wish to make you my bride." he wished he could be like the Prince and talk to Suzanne but she made him nervous.

Suzanne sat up and looked at him "My Prince how long have I been sleeping?" she hugged him. After they're done performing Brent hands Suzanne a flower "thank you Brent. i am excited about our date tonight." she kisses him on the cheek and when she goes up to her apartment Ryan gives Brent a dirty look.

Brent "Little Brother what is the Dirty Look for?" he says acting like he does not know. He stands and looks at Ryan who is starting to get angry at him "Say Something little Brother." Ryan lunged at him and punches him in the face. Something within him had snapped he was tired of being treated like a weak child just because he was the younger one did not mean he was weak.

Ryan "You're only dating her because you know I like her you pompous jerk. she will never talk to me because she thinks i am a child and i hate you for having the nerve to talk to Suzanne." they start wrestling around on the floor. Since Marcus and David are Busy doing inventory they don;t realize That the Brothers are fighting. Suzanne is in the dressing room changing out of her costume so she does not know yet what is going on and after the two have been fighting for about thirty minutes David and Marcus come out and pull them apart. "If you do anything to hurt her i will tear your hair out." he says as he pulls away from Marcus and goes outside. "I AM NOT WEAK STOP TREATING ME LIKE A BABY!!!" he screamed at Brent "Stop it!!!!" Ryan pulls away from Marcus and goes outside for some fresh air to calm down.

Brent "yeah right!! I am not Pompous you're just jealous because i can sing better than you." he goes up to his apartment and washes out his scratches <thinking> *Ryan is becoming a little less of a wiener. But he will have to do a hell of a lot more than beat the crp out of me before he can go out with Suzanne. Suzanne the angel in my dreams.* He Takes a Shower and washes his hair and changes clothes. *I am a little proud of Flyboy for beating me up. I knew he needed a little fuel for his fire and ne would snap and a few cuts are not that bad when I got him to have a little backbone.*

Meanwhile Downstairs David is talking to Ryan "Tell me what was this fight about?" he looked into the young man's eyes "you need to stop fighting." he touched his shoulder and When Suzanne came into the room he noticed Ryan's demeanor changed "Oh I understand now." he winked at Ryan.

Ryan "how did you ever get the nerve to ask Annie out when you knew she was the one?" he looked into David's eyes and awaited an answer.

David "well the situation was different for us though. we had been going to the school of the arts for two years together and Annie was dating Marcus. But Marcus and I did have a fight over Annie when she broke up with him and started dating me." he looked at Ryan "you need more confidence. that is the reason you can't talk to Suzanne or tell her how you feel. because you have little confidence in yourself." they decide that whenever possible David can Help Ryan boost his confidence "if you want i can give you more responsilities in your job and that may help." he smiled at Ryan.

Ryan "thanks, David. How is Alex doing?" asince the twins had practically grown up in the club Ryan thought of them as younger Siblings. and he was scared when he heard about what happened.

David "He is going stir crazy and he is on painkillers because of his broken leg and wrist. But he has spoken to the police and they're looking for the person who did it." he looked at him and all of a sudden a brick crashes through the window and Liz picks it up

Liz "it has a note on it." she takes it off and read it and hands it to David

It says:
Mister Graysmark Watch that little hag daughter of yours I may have failed the first time but she won't always have someone to save her.
Signed M

David "Damn it!! He is watching us. And I am not going to let him hurt Rose." he clenches his fist and hits the table "I know he will do It." he walks up to the apartment and leaves the note on the table and Ryan reads it.

Ryan reads the note "we need to Help David and Annie." he shows the note to Adam and Marcus. "We've watched Rose grow up over the last few years and we're all like family to David and Annie." they nod and Marcus calls the police to report the damage.

Brent in a moment of reason decides to help out "Let me help too. I know I can be a jerk but when I needed help getting over my drug addiction Annie and David gave me the help I needed and that girl does not deserve to have her life ruined by some little punk that acts the way I did at that age." he looked at Ryan "Please, little bro. I am sorry I beat the crap out of you but you need to toughen up." he hugs Ryan and gives him a noogy.

Ryan "Cut it out!! I'm sorry too, Brent!! You're right. David says I need more confidence in myself as well. And you didn't beat the Crap out of me I beat the crap out of you." he pauses "Let's just call it a draw and after we helped David and Annie you and I can have a match at the pool parlor." he winks at his brother.

They go out and try to find Matthew and realize they have no clue who they're looking for. They decide to ask Alex. When they get to the Hospital Annie and Rose are talking to Alex and they don't want to interrupt a family moment. They decide to get a soda and talk for a while.

Ryan "I am really sorry I called you Pompous. It is just I Love Suzanne and I am afraid to tell her." He looked down "You're right I need to stop being such a spineless geek. Wait a minute were you not supposed to take Suzanne out on a date tonight?" he looked at Brent.

Brent "Some things are more important than taking a girl out and I know she will understand when I tell her that we wanted to try to help David and Annie." he smiled and scratched his forehead "She'd do the exact same thing if she had been in the club when they brick came through the window." he paid for their drinks "You're a great singer, Ryan. I just wanted to get you angry to see if you would have the nerve to punch me." he grinned.

Ryan "All is forgiven, No matter how angry I get with you I can't hate you because you're my brother." he knocked back his drink "Whoa, that stuff is strong. Do you really think Alex will tell us who the driver is?" he waited and got another drink "We made need to call a cab." he grins

Brent "I think Alex knows we can protect his sister just as well as his parents can." he had gained an extreme clarity for situations. "I bet you anything this guy is a little younger than you. What I am confused about is how he was able to do it and not be noticed." he paid for the drinks and they decided to take a walk.

To Be Continued......

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