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Fame LA
Based on the series Created by Richard Barton Lewis
Story and some characters By Melissa C. Scraper

Part Four: Dancing Queen

Fade in on a morning Dance Class and the first Person you see is a young woman in her early 20s of Hispanic Heritage with Olive Skin. She has dark hair and Eyes and She is a Dancer. Her Name is Lili Arguelo and she is a Student in David Graysmark's acting classes. She is Roommates with Reese Tousaint. Anyway today we Focus on Lili who is auditioning for the lead in a Ballet as her teacher, Sylvia Williams, Looks on. Lili wants more than anything to be a dancer but her Father disapproves he thinks it's just a silly fantasy created a by a rebelious child. Lili Gets every step right and ends up making it to the second part of the Audition along with five others.

Sylvia is proud of her students and she believes Lili can go far in the business as long as she dances for the love of dance and not because people want her too. "Very good. Now double time and no adlibbing." she said as she watched her students keep up the paces. She was amazed at how well Lili was doing. she had come along way since she had first met her in 1994. Lili had been an obvious natural talent but she was trying to dance her aggressions away because he father had wanted her to be a lawyer and not a dancer. Two hours later "Now two of you are left. The one who does not win the spot of Odette will be the understudy." Lili ends up being and understudy which is fine with her. She was just glad to make it to the last stage of the auditions without tripping or getting nervous. "Lili. you did great." Sylvia told her "See you tomorrow, Lili."

"Thank you, Sylvia." Lili said and she felt uncomfortable around the woman she was understudying for because the student clearly hated her but there was no time to think of that. She had planned on meeting Liz Clark for dinner. So she had to go back to her apartment and shower and dress before meeting Liz. She hoped she did not see Reese because of an unfortunate incident that had happened a week before and they had been avoiding each other since then. Lili was also still worried about Suzanne. Because the song that had been stolen from her was becoming the most popular song on the local Radio station and Suzanne was trying to pretend that fact did not bother her but it was pissing her off that someone was getting praise for something they hadn't work hard to create. Lili arrived at her apartment and was relieved to find a note from Reese telling Lili that she was in an audition and probably would not be back until late that night. Lili goes into the bathroom after getting her tape player and she puts in a tape with Music from Swan Lake. And starts getting ready to take a shower. Also she like everyone else at the Who's Who was still in a bit of shock because it had been three days since Alex Graysmark had saved his sister's life and they were still no closer to finding the person who had been driving the car. At the moment only the Graysmark's and the police were the only people who knew the identity of the assailant. Lili went over to the shower and started running the water and adjusting the temperature and she put the lid down on the toilet so nothing would fall in, although it had been really funny when she had accidentally knocked Reese's tooth brush into the toilet. She grinned at that memory. Then she began to undress and she tossed her clothes into the hamper with her name on it. It seemed silly to Reese that Lili still had the wicker hamper shaped like a doll house. Lili loved her hamper though and she liked pretending it was Clara's house in Nutcracker. It was certainly more creative than having just a plain boxy hamper like everyone else had. Anyway she did not care what Reese thought. She finished undressing and stepped into the shower and started washing her hair.

Meanwhile in Adam and Liz's apartment:

Adam who is about 24 or 25 and has red hair and receding hairline is worried about Liz. It had been three days since she had found out that Marcus Carilli was really her father and she had hardly mentioned it or the fact that her mother was now in the hospital being treated for Cancer. She was being way too cheerful for all that had been happening recently But Adam was not about to bring up the fact that he was worried about her because she may react badly and storm out and he hated upsetting her. "Liz. are you sure about this?" he asked her.

Liz came into the bedroom buttining her blouse "Yes I am sure. Just because I have a little more emotional baggage does not mean I am cancelling my girl time with Lili. I will be alright. It's just a few hours." There were still puddles from the storm three days before both literal and metaphorical but she refused to let it bring her down because Liz knew once she slowed down she would want to scream and that scared her worse than the tidal wave of emotions that had been dumped on all of them that week. Because everyone in the club was involved in the Situation with Rose and Alex in one way or another and then she had the problems in her own life. She was just glad to have Adam there supporting her and caring about her. She kissed him "Trust me, Adam." her curly dark brown hair brushed against his face he loved the smell of her hair after she had washed it. "Don't worry. Lili and I will just be going out for pizza or burgers or salad." she smiled at him. "I Love you." she puts her engagement ring back on "No matter what happens you and I are in this together."

Adam looked into her eyes "I know. I'm just worried that you may have a nervous breakdown if you don't talk about things soon." he smiled at him "I love you too, My Brunette Goddess." he kissed her passionately "I still have hard time believing you said yes I knew you loved me but we'd had an argument and you told me you never wanted to see my ugly mug again and you stormed out after throwing a pillow from the couch at me." he found himself looking down her blouse "You make me want you so bad sometimes. I think you want to tease me." he kisses her again and slides his tongue into her mouth and she sucks on it and afterwards "I am taking you to a hotel room tomorrow night and showing you the best time I can." he Smiled down at her "Possibly even a Spa. I've been saving up money to do something special for your birthday but you need to be pampered now and treated like the goddess you are." he kissed her again.

Liz "That sounds wonderful. I've been wanting a full head to toe body rejuvenation session." she kissed him "I need to get going I'm supposed to meet Lili in thirty minutes. I Love you too, Adam Lewis." she smiled at him and went to get her purse and jacket. She stuck her keys in her purse and left.

Back in Lili's Apartment:

Lili was now dressed and she was out on her balcony taking in some fresh air to relax when she saw Brent walking. She was attracted to him but was not sure if he would return the feelings because she knew he had a thing for Suzanne. She loved the evening breeze off the ocean blowing through her hair. The moon was full and shiny. She had a feeling something good would happen to her soon but she was not sure what. She went back into her apartment leaving the windows oppen so the breeze would fill the apartment and put her shoes on and brushed her hair and put a barrette that Rose had given her the Christmas before in her hair. It was special because Rose had made it. It was a polymer clay and had and had Lilies and a little ballerina painted on it. People kept asking her where she bought it. No one would believe him when she said a friend made it for her. She thought of Rose as a little sister and David was the father who accepted Lili for who she was a person following her heart. In Fact everyone at the Who's Who was like a Family to her. Before leaving she closed her jewelry box and put all her makeup back where she had it. That was another thing that bothered her about Reese, she would not ask before borrowing something of Lili's.

After replacing her things in all their spots Lili locked the apartment door and went to have dinner with Liz "I'm so confused. I like Brent yet unsure what to do about making it known." she said to Liz. As she sipped her Vanilla shake. "I know Brent likes Suzanne. There is something about him that i find so appealing." she blushed

Liz sighed and looked at Liz "He seems to respect people who aren't afraid to tell people what they think. Did you hear Brent and Ryan beat each other up over Suzanne and now they're closer? I tell you something men are so strange sometimes." she sighed "Damn their shakes are better than normal." she ate a French fry "How did your audition go?" she was really glad to have Lili to talk to.

Lili sighed "I'm the understudy for Odette. Sarah, the one who got the lead, is a total Ice Queen she seems to resent me for no obvious reason. Her stares gave me some chills and she seems to hate me for some reason." she smiled "But I did not my best and that's all that matters." she sipped her shake and then took a bite of her burger "You're right about the shakes." after eating they decided to go the beach and watch the waves and Lili had mentally decided if Brent happened to stroll by on the beach while they were there she would tell him how she felt. As they walked down the beach she started dancing.

Liz "Slow down. You just ate and it may make you cramp up or throw up if you do anything to active after eating." she had a burger and Shake to take back to the apartment for Adam. Just then Brent walked up to them. "I should get these to Adam before the shake melts. Heads towards the Who's Who leaving Brent and Lili alone on the beach under the silvery moon with the breeze blowing.

Brent "Hey Lili. How are you doing? I have not seen you in a few days." he smiled at her it was less creepy since he had stopped doing drugs. "How did the audition go?" he held her hand and she felt as though she was about to faint as though the world had stopped at that moment. "Are you alright? You seem a but unsteady at the moment." his blue eyes shined as he spoke and she felt as though she could be lost in them forever and before she could speak her true feelings she was acting on pure adrenaline and she kissed him passionately on the lips and he grinned at her "So you really are attracted to me. I've been told by Ryan that he believes you are. But I was not sure whether to believe him." he catches Lili when she faints He carefully lays her on the beach and gently pats her face to wake her.

She woke up a few minutes later "Did I really kiss you? I never thought I'd have nerve to do it." she smiled at him "Would you ever consider going out on a date with me. I'm not Suzanne but I think you're good looking." she was blushing now.

To be continued.....

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