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Name: Laura
Country: Date: Sat Jun 10 13:27:30 2006
Comment: Nope. Neither Judith nor I do. We're doing all this on our free time.

Name: Josephine
Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 10 00:20:04 2006
Comment: Hi Laura.... Do you know Bill personally?

Name: Laura
Country: Date: Fri Jun 2 12:32:32 2006
Comment: Bill is very handsome and talented! I agree! Probably the best talent I've seen, IMHO! Falcon Crest was never the same without him.

Name: Laura
Country: Date: Fri Jun 2 12:22:16 2006
Comment: Very interesting story indeed! I'd heard nothing but nice things about Al and Marian. Thanks for sharing with us.

Name: Judith ( Homepage )
Country: USA Date: Fri Jun 2 10:59:08 2006
Comment: Thanks for sharing that memory, Josephine!

Name: Josephine Murphy
Country: New Jersey, USA Date: Thu Jun 1 23:13:25 2006
Comment: Bill..Interesting story to tell you. I had talked with your step-dad in 2003 and helped him advertise his book with Bowker. Little did I realize he was your step-dad and Marian McCargo was your mom!! Sorry to read that they are both deceased now, but I will always treasure my talk with him! He was so proud!! You are very handsome and the best actor! You've always been my favorite! I hope to hear back from you, Bill!

Name: Donna
Country: USA Date: Mon May 22 11:27:03 2006
Comment: great site,great pictures,great info! thanks so much!!

Name: John
Country: USA Date: Mon May 8 10:33:02 2006
Comment: I like Bill Moses as an actor previous on Falcon Crest and other Lifetime movies.
i watch all of his movies.
he is wonderful and all around good guy.!

John Lee
Winters tx.

Name: maria luisa
Country: France Date: Mon May 8 10:32:43 2006
Comment: Hi
congratulations for your site very welle made.
I 'm very fond of William. He is so talented. I used to see all the Perry masson's and Falcon Crest too many year ago!!! I saw him last week again in "her best friend's husband" I hope to see him soo on french tv again.
My best regards
maria luisa

Name: Britta
Country: Germany Date: Sat May 6 15:07:38 2006
Comment: Hi,
just in this moment i see Lorenzo Lamas on german TV and my thoughts are going do Falcon Crest and to Billy. I wish Falcon Crest will come back to german TV in the future...i would watch it for the fourth or fifth time!!!
Wish you all a nice coming week and please....sorry for my asful english, please.

Best wishes from Hamburg/Germany


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