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Name: Laura
Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 18 16:54:45 2006
Comment: Hi Bill,

Best I can say is to join the fanlist that is linked to this site. Here is the link. If we find anything out, it usually goes into the list first and then the site unless we're told to not put it on the website, then we don't. We usually use the best discretion possible. Right now all we know of is the fact that he's done some more Jane Doe's.

Here is the link: http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/BillyMoses_Fans/

Look forward to hearing from you. ;)
Name: Bill Moses
Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 16 10:43:22 2006
Comment: Just had to check in and say great profile on Billy. Does he have any new movies or tv shows coming up? Haven't seen anything with him in long time.
Name: Silvia ( Homepage )
Country: Barcelona-Spain Date: Sat Sep 9 19:07:41 2006
Comment: Hi, I saw Alone with a stranger for about.. a month ago. I like it and I like his work at the movie. I didn't know he was on Falcon Crest, Perry Mason... great!
Best wishes to him & this site from Spain

;**** Silvia
Name: Kris Itako Oskarsson ( Homepage )
Country: Sweden Date: Sun Aug 6 10:27:23 2006
Comment: I love the site! You have done a very good job!

Keep up the great work!

Name: Laura
Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 5 12:35:08 2006
Comment: Happy 4th anniversary to Billy's fandom today! It's hard to believe that time had gone by so quickly!
Name: Vera
Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 27 13:42:39 2006
Comment: I first noticed William R. Moses on the Perry Mason series. After reading his bio, I am discovering what an accomplished actor he is.
Name: Esther Louis
Country: St. Lucia Date: Sun Jul 23 18:08:10 2006
Comment: I grew up in the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia in teh West Indies and Falcon Crest was just as big here as in the US. So was Knotts Landing and Falcon Crest. I always remember my older sisters Jean & Christine mooning over Billy and that's how I got infected with the 'he's so cute' virus. The best and warmest characters with a beautiful heart. That's the best I can describe Billy.
Name: Laura
Country: Date: Mon Jul 10 10:18:56 2006
Comment: Maureen,

You're in. Hope you enjoy the fan list.
Name: Maureen Mahoney
Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 8 18:34:28 2006
Comment: Hello...I just finished watching a movie on Lifetime with Billy Moses...and said to myself., he must have a fan club...I have admired him and seen him in so many movies. I simply adore the talent this man possesses. What a voice, and your right...so handsome...He ALWAYS looks Fantastic. I would be so happy to be a member of the fan club...I am awaiting approval.
Thanks for listening.,
Love, Mo
Naples, FL
Name: Angela
Country: Germany Date: Mon Jun 26 11:05:00 2006
Comment: Hi,
I saw Mystic Pizza yesterday again. Oh I love to see William. Now I found this side. Love to see.


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