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Name: Laura S.
Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 5 00:24:07 2006
Comment: Hello Diane,

You can purchase much of Billy's work at Amazon.com. There's a good selection of DVD's and VHS on that site. He is a brilliant talent, and yes he is GORGEOUS. My personal favorites are THE HAUNTING OF SEACLIFF INN, CHRISTMAS CHILD, and A LOVERS REVENGE.
Name: Diane
Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 1 17:36:19 2006
Comment: A wonderful brillant actor, and of course gorgeous
with a capital G..Shhh don't tell the hubby, love all his movies..Does anyone know where I can purchase his movies? Would buy in a heartbeat to watch over and over and over...Anyways, keep me informed Thanks, a Big Fan in Texas..:)
Name: Laura
Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 17 19:35:44 2006
Name: Laura S.
Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 16 00:15:51 2006
Comment: Billy's birthday is on Friday, November 17th! I just wanna wish him a happy birthday and I hope all his dreams and wishes come true.
Name: Michael Corda
Country: United States Date: Sun Nov 5 11:42:56 2006
Comment: Greetings!Is there any address one can write to to obtain an autographed picture of William's?Any help would sure be appreciated.I by the way am a German citizen living here in the Atlanta area,so Billy does have fans from all over the world.Great site and thanks,MIKE
Name: rfp
Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 3 13:40:50 2006
Comment: so nice to find info on Billy -- I love him SOOO much. Thanks!
Name: Laura
Country: Date: Thu Nov 2 20:07:18 2006
Comment: Judith,

We are definately the ultimate partners in this fandom! I remember finding you the very day after creating Billy's fandom! Talk about fate! We put this site together! Your know how and me supplying the material and info and we hit it off not only as partners but good friends as well and I cherish that now and will forever!
Name: Laura
Country: Date: Thu Nov 2 10:43:44 2006
Comment: One more thing! You do a wonderful job putting up all the pics, information and videos, Judith! Thank you!
Name: Laura
Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 2 10:41:54 2006
Comment: Thank you Judith for what you'd said on the front page. I enjoy us working together to making this fandom what it is. I'm glad we found each other when we did. Billy deserves the best we, his fans, can offer him and this website, the list, the music videos are just the thing! It's great we both share the same kind of passion for his career and him as a person.
Name: David
Country: Australia Date: Tue Oct 24 23:39:35 2006
Comment: I really like your acting. I hope you do heaps more.


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