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Christmas Child - 2003
Directed by William Ewing
Written by Andrea Jobe and Eric Newman

William R. Moses
Jack Davenport
Megan Follows
Meg Davenport
Jodelle Ferland
Tonya Bordeaux
Steven Curtis Chapman
Michael Curtis
Vicki Taylor Ross
Naomi Williams
Frederick Martin Smith
Piano Player
Muse Watson
Year Filmed: 2003
DVD/VHS release: November 8, 2004
Summary Written By: Laura S.

Jack Davenport, (William R. Moses) is a Journalist from Chicago who's had a major falling out with his wife, Meg, (Megan Follows), following a big company Christmas party. He has decided to take on a project for the next few weeks covering a story in Dallas, Texas which is tailored towards Christmas Holiday. He had received a photo in the mail and the photo had something to do with his past. He decides to go to Clearwater, Texas to look up his birth records and try to find out who his natural parents are or were.

While he's there he meets a Pastor of the Clearwater Community Church (Played by Contemporary Christian singer, Steven Curtis Chapman), who becomes a good friend and tries to help Jack out. Along the path to discovering the truth behind his past, he stumbles into some misfortunes, but he keeps his faith strong with the help of his Pastor friend. This movie is a very heart warming, delightfully wonderful movie with so much potential. This movie is based on the Max Lucado book THE CHRISMAS CROSS. Shooting location was in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bill Moses playing the main character in this film did a dynamic job! KUDOS TO YOU BILL! KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!


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